Guy Vidal

Become A Champion in The Business of Tennis

For the past 3 years, Guy Vidal, a business leader and passionate  educator, has been teaching his crash course in business “Basic Business Literacy” to a wide range of tennis professionals & athletes. At the end of this simple 3-part business seminar, the athlete is equipped with basic business principles critical to making money!

After earning his MBA from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, Guy moved to Los Angeles, where he founded a management consulting practice, a real estate investment company, a design-build firm, and a “Business Literacy” teaching practice. Vidal manages real estate holdings valued at over $45 million, and his design-build firm has successfully completed over 300 remodeling projects. Vidal is an avid tennis player.

Guy has tutored and given seminars in business literacy to groups ranging from tennis tour pros, tennis coaches, tennis organizations, medical students at Georgetown University as well as high school students. Guy also received formal training in tennis coaching, which helps him strategize with touring professionals and coaches. He has a great passion for sharing his knowledge and skills with others.

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Guy is truly a leader in providing clear, concise directions on how coaches can maximize Google sheets to positively impact their bottom lines while growing their tennis business. Guy brings his extensive background and knowledge on general business practice and presents it in a way that resonates with coaches and links to the business of tennis. If you are interested in maximizing your business, Guy’s courses are a must.

Lynne Rolley – PTR President. Former Coach to Jennifer Capriati and Lindsay Davenport. Former USTA Director of Women’s Tennis

I’m impressed by Guy’s generosity and follow-through when he believes in something. And he didn’t just believe in our educational model. He’s genuinely, personally committed to giving young people the conceptual and technical tools they need to manage their own finances, to plan small business ventures, etc.

Alexis Burgess


I wanted to thank you for the google sheet crash course. I get it. It’s a powerful tool and I can see how I can use it to figure out the costs for my tennis academy: from tennis balls to court rentals, to what I can pay my assistant coaches…and still make money.

Mike Sakvarelidze

USTPA Pro, Director Head Coach Berkeley Hall Tennis Academy

Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to teach our students. We really appreciate all the thought and preparation you put into it and great advice you shared.

Kathryn M. Hart, MD, FAAFP

Georgetown University School of Medicine

Guy has applied his business experience to create a realistic goal-oriented plan that determines which futures tournaments I should enter; what my interim ATP point-accrual goals are; and most importantly to determine what my cash flow projections are so that I can budget to attain these goals.

Alex Kuperstein

Pro Tennis Player