Why does a teenager who wants to be a pro tennis player need to know how a CASH FLOW spreadsheet works?

Because the first 2-3 years on the ITF tour your money is flowing out and barely any money is coming in.

The ITF tour will cost you… airfare; room & board; tournament fee; balls; strings; water; etc. Month after month.

Unless you have unlimited (stupid!) money behind you, you need to figure out – AHEAD OF TIME – how much you’ll need.

Adding up all the costs to play 6 or 12 ITF tournaments is scary for most of us. If we saw that total we might freak out and bail.

It’s natural to feel that way but you can’t succumb to it. That fear is the same fear that’s gonna make you choke when you’re serving for the match.

Whether you’re sponsored by your parents or grandparents or by your local tennis federation or a tennis foundation or by a tennis academy – if you wanna go pro you MUST become an adult overnight. You need to toughen up and face the music. Become aware of the exact amounts of money being invested in you by your sponsors. That kind of mature attitude will instill confidence in you and in your sponsors. And it’ll make you approach your tour matches with the responsibility of a professional. It’ll ultimately toughen you up and help you win tournaments and bring you closer to your goal.

Not planning ahead how you’re going to spend the money that’s being invested in your professional career by your sponsors is a sure way to find yourself under constant financial insecurity and stress, to sap your energy and to not perform at your top potential. In fact not having a plan may contribute to you not meeting your goal.

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