Investment Vs. Expense

There are 2 ways to spend money. The first is to invest it in an asset that makes money for you. An example is for a coach to invest in a stringing machine or in a ball machine. The second way to spend money is called an “expense”. An expense gives you a one time benefit but not a recurring one. An example is booking a tennis court or going on vacation.

PRIORITIZE INVESTMENTS – if you’re not sure about a cash outlay, ask yourself: “is it going to generate income? Is it going to make me money?”  EG: say you’re working hard on getting your first ATP point. You’re grinding it out. You’re tired of driving that beat up car. You see a nice hybrid and you figure you can afford to lease it. It’ll make you happy to show up to matches in a nice dependable car. But is it going to get you closer to your first ATP point? No! In fact it’ll feel wrong to you. It’ll feel like you put the cart before the horse. Keep your eyes and your wallet on the prize. Spend  that money on travel to Tunisia or Turkey or Mexico where you and your buddy can park yourselves relatively cheaply for several months and try to qualify for those back to back ITF 15s and 25s.